Technology Has Literally Transitioned Real Estate

James & Lee Realty is a family-owned boutique real estate company serving Hampton Roads.  Despite challenging real estate market conditions. Our success stems from the use of technology, innovative marketing tools and creative solutions.

Our business model is based on providing higher quality services at a lower cost. Contrary to antiquate belief, our adjustable commission rate does not make us a discount broker with limited service offerings. It is quite the opposite. We go beyond the ordinary, offering clients a customized and personalized approach. Our adjustable commission rate is a reflection of our operational efficiencies, our use of technology, and most importantly, our success rate.

Real estate is not only local, real estate is unique. Each property is singular. Each transaction has its own peculiarities. Each client has different needs and constraints. We believe every client deserves the same high quality personalized attention. We are not in business to simply sell real estate. We are in business to help clients achieve their real estate goals.